Body Butters

These deliciously scented, skin quenching body butters were designed and tested to hydrate your skin for hours without clogging your pores. We started working on the formula for these butters when Laura was on Accutane and a chemotherapy drug and as a result had such dry skin, she was applying raw shea butter to her face. Now one year later, we have beautiful, scented, whipped and pipped body butters. They are all made in small batches of 10 jars or less and contain only the highest quality ingredients. Every batch takes hours, from disinfecting the jars, to melting the oils, to triple whipping the butter then delicately piping them so they look good enough to eat. Please note that while all the ingredients are safe and natural, they are not edible. and are temperature sensitive. Do not leave your butters inside your car or they may melt. If they do you can throw them in the fridge for an hour and they should return to their original state.